11 x 14


The Ink Drawings, Dematerialization

Following the general trend in society as well as the example of land artist Walter De Maria, I’ve begun to explore notions of dematerialization and meaningless work through this series of drawings executed in ink on rice paper. For me, the creative process has always had an immediate and palpable sense of negation buried in the very act of creating. As I move the pencil to paper, like a repelling magnetic force, feelings of meaninglessness, doubt, and entropy arise. I have addressed this force by trying to overcome it with mastery which ultimately I realized only empowers this negative charge. So these drawing are my way of denying that negativity by making the very core belief of this work meaninglessness, the negation of mastery and the material with which it is created. I’ve deliberately chosen to use tools that in themselves are limited—sticks and homemade feather quills. The rice paper is chosen because it buckles and shirks diminutively under the inks influence. Exploring this anti-method produces increasingly larger room in my creative process for inviting new forms and to say things that are complex and hard to not only know but hard to feel.