Dematerialization, The Ink Drawings


For me, the creative process has always had an immediate and palpable sense of negativity buried within the very act of creation. As I move pencil to paper, like a repelling magnetic force, feelings of meaninglessness, doubt, and entropy arise. I have addressed this force by trying to overcome it with a technical mastery which ultimately, as I’ve realized, only empowers this negative charge. 

Following the examples of Terry Winters, Walter De Maria, and Paul Cezanne, I have begun to explore notions of dematerialization, meaningless work, and materially-conscious drawing. The development of a new drawing practice is my way of denying the negativity in my creative process and repositioning it as a source from which new forms and new ideas can be drawn. 

I have deliberately chosen to use tools that in themselves have technical limitations—sticks and homemade feather quills, and rice paper that buckles and shrinks diminutively under the ink’s influence. 

Exploring this new practice and shifting my focus has created unlimited possibilities, allowing me to examine concepts that are difficult to define, to acknowledge, and fundamentally, to materialize.