Long Island City Arts Open 5

Come check out my new studio in Long Island City this weekend. I'm participating in LIC ARTS OPEN 5. Open Studios are both Saturday and Sunday, May 16 and 17, from Noon until 6pm. My studio address is


Ries Studio #409

43-01 22nd St,

Long Island City, NY 11101


The group of paintings that are on view here are mostly recent explorations of the figure.  I’ve included watercolors that I’ve done of my wife during early morning posing/painting sessions. These sessions tend to breathe new ideas into my work and sometimes become oil paintings. Other paintings explore a variety of sculptural ideas and play out quiet, almost minimal performances. My drawings have become a kind of painting in their own right. The soft dusty charcoal allows me to sculpt the form and compose space.  Many of the same ideas apply to other motifs that I love to paint: the landscape, buildings, flowers, monuments. The four prints on view are for sale and are printed on Arches Archival Watercolor Paper. They're also available here