Watercolor: Jeux Deau

Jeux Deau is a piece for solo piano by Maurice Ravel. The title is often translated as "Playing water" or literally "Water Games.” I often say that ”Watercolor is the most intellectual medium of all because it has a mind of its own." These paintings are inspired by the rhythms and colors of the garden outside of my studio and the life that takes place there. Often, I’ll paint in the morning while the family has gathered for coffee or take advantage of the stillness while they read. Inside the studio, I’ll work on assembling small color notes into collaged impressions of the sensations of summer as it passes. Other times I used the medium to paint fast the notions and ideas that I come across while planning oil paintings. These paintings tend to be rough, immediate, and come out of an almost unbalanced creative space. I envision a show of these works because they illustrate a kind of raw creativity that adds up to an intense response to the world I love, live in, and muse on.